This page will help in identifying just some of the many colors that they can come in.*

                     *These are the colors that I actually have pictures of:

                                                    (Mostly my dogs or my breeding)                                

                                                                    1. BRINDLE

  Brindle is a pattern of stripes overlaying the coat. In French Bulldogs, these stripes are usually black.If the stripes are very thick, it appears that the dog is black,(*#2) if thin it appears to be more of a fawn color with thin black stripes       #3 *see the Reverse Brindle below..



                                        * 2. Brindle-Appears Black                                                                         

                                                                        *3. Reverse Brindle                                    

                                                            4.  BRINDLE PIED         



                                           5. REVERSE RED BRINDLE PIED                           



                                                       6.   FAWN -black mask     


                                                   7. Red fawn black mask                               


                                                                8.   RED no mask                                         


                                                                   9.  RED FAWN PIED            



                                                                      10.Fawn Pied   


                                                                         11. CREAM 


                                                       "Kissabullz A Little Bit Rowdy"

                           Blue is a dilute of the black gene so there are blue brindles &                        blues without a lot of brindling just like the black brindles

                                                                                 12. BLUE BRINDLE    


                                                              Kissabullz Maximum Blue "TANK"

     There is no such thing as a SOLID blue when you are breeding for blues with brindles.There are blues with less brindling like Deja, below, or there are blues with more brindling like Tank,above, the brindling can be seen to come in over time. However it is possible to get a solid blue recessive "a" by using the right breeding combination (and not by using brindles). Picture of one to come when we get our newest true SOLID blue boy!

                                                   13.  Blue not much brindling



                                                                   14. BLUE FAWN                 

                                                                     "Kissabullz Blue Satin" 

                                                                 15. BLUE PIED 


                                                              16.  Blue fawn pied

                                                                                                                             "Kissabullz Blue Smoke"

                                                                      Blue Sable fawn




                                                            17. CHOCOLATE BRINDLE


                                                                  "Kissabullz Hot Chocolate"   

                                                               18.CHOCOLATE PIED                                                                                                            "Chip"


                                                               19.CHOCOLATE FAWN                              

                                                               "Kissabullz  Cocoa Pebbles"  


                                                                        20.Honey Pied     

                                                   " Kissabullz Marshmello Cocoa Creme"


                                                    Merle'Bullz Cruzin'