Fun Frenchie Facts


        The French bulldog is a small molloser type dog,which is a heavy boned mastiff type dog. In fact according to an article about DNA in dogs in the Feb.   2012 edition of the National Geographic, French Bulldogs were found to have a very large percentage, 85 % + of the DNA comprising the Mastiff type group. dogs 

       The French Bulldog is a powerful dog for its size and it is compact in its proportions. It is like having a big dog in a small dog body. The main features of the Frenchie are it's bat ears and it's irresistible and expressive eyes. 


                                       FRENCHIE HISTORY

                                                                                          French Bulldog from the 1890s

  In the mid 1800's lace workers from England were becoming  replaced by  machines.The area in England where the lace workers lived was known as Nottingham, an area well know for its bulldogs, some of which were being downsized by crossing with a bully type terrier to create a miniature or toy bulldog.


    Due to economic necessity the lace workers moved to France, as their craft was appreciated there and they could actually make a living.They took with them their toy bulldogs as they were well suited to small cramped living quarters, being crossed with terriers they were also excellent ratters, a big problem in those days. Frenchies can still have a very strong prey drive where vermin are concerned. 

          The French fell so in love with this small bulldog that they imported just about every one that was left in England. The French adored the "Petite Boulle" as they called them and they became the star of the Parisian working class. As they became more popular they came to the attention of the rich and it soon became a status symbol to have one.

       American tourists discovered the Frenchie and began to bring them home with them and the Americans are the ones that bred for the bat ear, as there was a rose ear type (like the English Bulldogs have) and the bat ear. Luckily the bat ear was favored and written into the standard and that is what gave it the look that is has today.

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