OUR CHOCOLATES


Chocolate French Bulldogs are not often seen..I absolutely love this color in the Frenchie..the coat color can range anywhere from a lighter milk chocolate color  to a dark bittersweet chocolate color (see Chip below) . The chocolate fawns are also very pretty and it is a very subtle and elegant color, as it is with the blue fawn, with a chocolate mask and a light tipping of chocolate on the tips of the hairs. The chocolate fawns are a buttery yellow color when they are bornSee middle puppy in pic below..


The eyes are also very striking and unique in the chocolate Frenchie and can range from green or hazel to a light yellow eye color and they can start out with blue eyes as puppies..

The nose leather  is a self colored chocolate,and is an actual absence of the black nose color, the Eumelanin is expressed instead as chocolate and occurs when two dogs carrying the chocolate gene "bb" are bred together...

The chocolate Frenchies have a very different personality and seem to be much more precocious than the other colors..They are always thinking and doing!!!    


                      Fallbrook's  Mocha Java at Kissabullz


             Java-Handsome chocolate brindle male   @ 3 mos

                                               Dad  ~  Chocolate Cutter