These are Previous Puppies that Kissabullz has produced

                                           And some of their proud parents

                                  Luna-Awesome chocolate girl!


                                   Dunkin-Gorgeous chocolate boy


        Kissabullz Blue Suede Shoes in his forever home as a therapy dog



                                                            Paula W. and  Satchmo


                                     Satchmo all grown up..  (below)         

                             He was voted the *Most Irresistable Dog"

                      at the San Francisco Haute Dog Fashion show 2012


                                                    Kissabullz Satchmo lookin' Cool!

                                   Kissabullz Gunter- handsome blue brindle male  


    Went home with Jonna in San Diego CA    "Hi Gail, Gunter is a very fast learner! He is an absolute love!    Thank you so much for this little blessing in my life! Jonna


                    Blue Violet AKA "Payslee" is owned and loved by Saundra, Josh and family                                       She is  going to be a model for "Posh Puppies" !



                                  Kissabullz Petit Coq- Owned, loved and shown by Jaime Murphy

                                                         Taking winners dog at only 7 mos of age


                                                                                     Kissabullz Blue Smoke                 
                                        Blue Smoke owned and loved by Tamara in Canada

                                          Kissabullz Ebony with friend at a Halloween Parade

                                                  Ebony(on left) owned and loved by Danielle, Long Beach CA

                      Kissbullz Luella & Kissabullz Rondo taking a cool drink after a puppy                        play date in San Francisco. Luella owned and loved by Chris and Rondo                               is owned and loved by Dera-Jill. 

                                       Above two puppies sired by Kissabullz Tank out of Laila

                                           Kissabullz Blue Knight Ryder~sired by Tank                                                                 Ryder went home to Cindy in Canada

                                                        Ryder (on right) all grown up!  Ryder carries choco

                                                                       Kissabullz Hot Fudge-sired by Chip                                                  Went home to Bryan and Kristen in CA

                                                           Kissabullz Bacardi-sired by Sunny out of Bella

              "Hi Gail, Bacardi is just so darned sweet, thank you  so much, she is so well socialized"! Dani K.

                                                                         Kissabullz Ponzu        

   Hello Gail, Ponzu had a great time meeting the family on his first Thanksgiving  He is very happy and gentle. He can now come and sit. He is such a smart little puppy.Thank you for breeding such a well mannered Puppy!


                                                      Kissabullz Bebe- sired by Chip

"Hi Gail. Just wanted to say thank you for sending Bebe into our lives!   She is fabulous! She was adorable in the pictures you sent but seeing her  in person finally, is even better. She is beautiful and healthy and full of personality. I can tell that she was well bred and more importantly,well  loved and taken care of until she found us. I appreciate you taking such  great care in raising her and your obvious concern with the quality of the dogs you breed. I also appreciated the constant updates you sent us  while we were waiting. I know how time consuming it is to do that and  a lot of breeders won't. She checked out great at the Vet-no problems  and  the Vet was very impressed with her health, beauty and temperament.  I will be sure to keep you updated as she grows from an adorable pup into a beautiful show quality dog! Thanks  again!  Kristen Dawson"                                         




                                                                  Kissabullz  Popeye and his new Family


                                                 Kissabullz Popeye all grown up!! sired by Beau


                                                                 Kissabullz Ziggy has joined Popeye and family!

                                                                                     Ziggy is growing up too!


                                                                            Kissabullz Pierre and Popeye chillin' after                                                                                                     playing hard at a Frenchie Meet-Up                                                                                              



                                          Mavis & friend owned by Zoe in San Francisco,CA

                                                                              ( Mavis is in that cute sweater)


                                                 Kissabullz Petite Coq' went to a show home with Jaime in CA                                                              Jaime  reports that Coq' took Best Puppy in Group his first show!


                                                 Kissabullz Shelby went to live with John and Carol in Calistoga,CA



                                                     Glory has also joined Shelby at John and Carol's Home


                                                               Glory and Shelby with their new Family                                                                                     John and Carol from Calistoga


                                                                    Kissabullz Shayla and her new Family



                                           Kissabullz Blue Blazes owned by Kyle and Gary in San Diego     


                                                                                                     Dubonnet owned by Janine                               

Dubonnet is sired by Rigel, bred to Janine's Shark girl, click link below to  see  more of her brothers and sisters

                                                   Click here to see more puppies sired by Beau and Rigel              

The pied puppies in the link pics  above have been sired by Rigel and  the  brindles have been sired by Beau by outside  stud service to two females owned by Janine